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General Dreamcast Information/News

Dreamcast at Wikipedia

Your basic info from the encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Howstuffworks Dreamcast

A great interactive site with good information.


SEGA's website.

PC-DC Server Info

Contributed by podoftimmy. This basically tells you how to get online with your DC through your computer. It's a little challenging.


Online info for the DC. Tells what games are still up and the servers the're on.

SEGATech Home

Some technical info about the DC.

Rare DC Items @

A Danish wabsite that has many different versions of the Dreamcast.

DC Peripherals at

A site listing (w/pics) just about every DC add on you can think of.


SEGA Guild Home

Complete with reviews by OrochiSonic

PlanetDreamcast Home

A very good site complete with some hardware reveiws

GameSpot Dreamcast, Dreamcast @, IGN Dreamcast

Respective gaming services and their Dreamcast sections. IGN's is by far the most helpful. Home

Fantastic reviews of mostly imports. If you are new to the DC import scene, stop by here first! This site also features articles about gaming history, and current events.

Dreamcast Seeker

Contributed by Captain Toenail

Dreamcast Lives!

It does!

Segagaga Domain Home

Fantastic (mostly import) database of Dreamcast and Saturn games.

Armchair Empire Dreamcast Reveiws

Contributed by Captain Toenail

  Places to Buy Dreamcast Stuff

My go-to site for all things Dreamcast. Free shipping on all import games!

Another excellent import site.

EBay is your friend. Learn to use it. (podoftimmy)

A little strange but, yes, deals can be found here.,  EB, and

Gaming retailers, home pages. Decent selection.

Contributed by TheLastSith.


DC Emulation Home

THE place to start for DC emulation. Loads of information

DC Homebrew Home

Contributed by the Cap'n

Blue Swirl Home

A fantastic site contibuted by the Cap'n

The Dreamcast-Scene

A variety of homebrew projects and stuff.


Your basic British site.

Dreamcast Programming Home

Simple and efficient.

Info on emulating NeoGeo and stuff on the DC.

IMR Technology Home

 Dreamcast Emulation and Homebrew. SDL ports and development.

NIGA Systems

Great JP site about not as much emulation as physical/electronic customization. Good site for PSX/Saturn as well.

DEVCast Home

A super cool site about DC modding. case modding, internal modding etc. Also info on overclocking.

VMU Tools

VMU Programming Home

A fantastic resource.

Some Dreamcast VMU development tools.

PlantDreamcast's VMU Page

Cool downloads.

VMU Minigames Download

Three pages of VMU minigames available for download.(VMI format). Contributed by NoBullet.

VMU files to your DC through a CD

A FAQ by Captain Toenail

Cheat Sites

I don't approve of cheating. I think it wrecks the game. But if you want to, has all you ever really need.

Dreamcast Replay/Saves Database, however, is a Japanese site that has lots of games' VMU saves for download. They have cool replays as well.