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Welcome to the ODMB Useful Links Page
Here, have some caek. It's on me. I'm 1mp0r7g4m3r and this site gives you links for awesome Dreamcast related websites. That is pretty much it. This is a very basic page because I am lazy. However, it will be updated often. Email me new links.
The Dreamcast
The Dreamcast is great. Released by Sega in 1998 it was the pinnacle of gaming until that blasted PS2 came along. Curses. Anyways, that's all you need to know. There are still many, many DC fans out there because the Dreamcsat had great games, especially fighters. This page is to help those fans get organized. Call it sort of a springboard to their DC searches on the Web, if you will. This site will not tell you where to go to get pirated stuff. If you are gonna pirate DC stuff, go here. Pirating is for losers.
Stupid Site History that Nobody Reads

September 2, 2005
I create the site. Woohoo. Go me.
September 3, 2005
I finish intial completion of the site!. Rumors of the Cap'n PSP/DS links page abound.
September 4, 2005
ATTENTION! I added this site to the website

This site is fantastic. If, you speak/understand Japanese, that is. These people made a SNES controller USB (and a USB controller SNES compatible). They have several Dreamcast pages (such as how to put a serial port on the DC). By all means take a look even if you can't read it!

Septermber 5, 2005
Fixed a bunch of problems (including the IGN link) on the links page. Caek all around. Also added DEVCast Home to the links page. Overclockers, check it out. Added this site as well. It lists rare editions of the Dreamcast, along with rare editions of many other consoles.

September 6, 2005
Added the site to the Dreamcast general info links section.

September 8, 2005
Added the VMU Minigame Download and the Dreamcast Replay/Saves Database links to the site. My hosting site ( decides to put annoying banners on my site. Curses.

September 15, 2005
Added the Cap'n's FAQ about  transfering VMU files to your DC through a CD

Why the ODMB Board?
BECAUSE I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH TIME. And because the board provides me with useful information, caek, and plenty of laughs.And because caek is great. Pass the caek.
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You have ODMB titles?
Yeah, that's right we do. I am the ODMB Rent-A-Hero. There are others. We are all extremely cool. Check out the members page.

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